Fighting Climate Change is a Marathon. We help you take your first steps in your race to net zero.

As a first step in forming a global alliance with other leading schools, we motivate the INSEAD community to fight climate change and take their first steps in their individual race to net zero emissions. We do so by educating about climate change and what businesses and individuals can do about it. To make it tangible, and offer an immediate opportunity, we host the Climate Run – a charity run to raise funds towards nature-based climate solutions.

The Project We Support

Protection of Tanzanian Forests for Indigenous Peoples, Wildlife and the Climate

All proceeds from the Climate Run are donated to a project by our partner Myclimate that protects Tanzanian forests and supports indigenous communities that depend on the health of the land. The forests protected through the project not only form the basis of livelihood for those communities, they also provide a crucial habitat connector between the Yaeda Valley and the Ngorongoro Highlands for endangered species. The project supports 10 UN SDGs, both environmental and social.

Our goals

Improve Environmental Literacy:

Our experience shows that students care about climate change and are motivated to make a difference. Yet they have very limited knowledge about the current state and what businesses and individuals can do. That’s why we are hosting events to address these topics.

Raise Funds Towards Nature-Based Climate Solutions:

We partner with Myclimate to donate all the proceeds from the Climate Run to nature-based climate solutions. Myclimate is an international non-profit based in Switzerland.

Our role as INSEAD students
“INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society.”
We believe part of INSEAD’s mission is to step up to our responsibility towards the planet. Today, each INSEAD student causes 11.5t of CO2 emissions throughout their studies. And we want to do something about that. That’s why we are organizing the INSEAD Climate Run to educate the INSEAD community about climate change and raise funds towards nature-based climate solutions via the charity run – One step at the time.