A student initiative at

31st Oct - 11th Nov

A two-week initiative

4 INSEAD campuses

Fontainebleau, Singapore, Abu Dhabi & San Francisco


Fighting Climate Change is a Marathon. We help you take your first steps in your race to net zero.
How? By joining the INSEAD Climate Run!

Sign Up for the run

1. Fill Out The Sign Up Form

After submitting the form, you will get a confirmation email with all the relevant details and information.

2. Join The Strava Club

Join the Strava Club that corresponds to your activity during the Climate Run. This helps us track distances covered in respective sports. We will admit you based on the information you provide on the form.

3. You Are All Set - Have Fun Participating

We will have individual and group running, walking and biking. Get ready to meet the community challenge goals and make your cohort, the winners of the INSEAD Climate Run.

The Cause

 INSEAD is the business school for the world. And as citizens of the world, we as INSEAD students bear responsibility. Our global education causes a substantial carbon footprint and takes its toll on the environment. With the 2nd edition of the INSEAD Climate Run, our goal is to raise funds for a Solar Power Plant that replaces Fossil Energy in the Dominican Republic via the charity run.

41 gigatons – that’s the annual amount of greenhouse gas emissions we need to reduce to get to net zero (IEA, 21).

41 kilometres – that’s the distance every single one of us, as part of the INSEAD community, will aim to run or cycle in this edition of the Climate Run to raise awareness!

How it works

The INSEAD Climate Run is an initiative to motivate you to fight climate change and take your first steps in your race to net zero emissions. We do so by hosting a series of conferences to create awareness about climate change and what businesses and individuals can do about it. To make it tangible, and offer an immediate opportunity, the Climate Run sits at the heart of our initiative. It is a charity run to raise funds towards nature-based climate solutions. Over the course of two weeks, everyone at INSEAD can participate and run – no matter on which campus they are, thanks to digital tracking. All donations collected from participants, other individuals, corporates, and foundations, go to nature-based climate projects offered by the myclimate foundation.

INSEAD Climate Run Statistics – 2nd edition

Runners signed up

Euro raised